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What is Ecopsychology?

Modern culture and its systems must change its behavior and relationship to that which sustains us as human beings, which is this big, beautiful blue planet. Our home is asking us to respond to the crisis of our time and Ecopsychology is the education for our time.

Ecopsychology is the study of the unfolding story between the human biological world, the natural world and the indwelling world of psyche and myth. What is the true essence of our stories throughout time and how do we engage with these creative and powerful forces? Lori Pye (2019) in her seminal work, Fundamentals of Ecopsychology, explains this process through the five principles of energy, diversity, change, waste and connection. The human psyche must engage in all five of these principles in order to evolve and move forward as an ecological being. There must be sustained action and movement toward a deep ecology of living for change to occur. We must participate in behavior that honors the changes of life, birth, death, it’s process, and its regeneration. We must participate in a change of ethics which sees pollution as bad, toxins as bad, poison as bad, and nature as healing and good.

We need to create ecological cultures where the economics is seen as a subsystem of ecology, where nature’s economy is not ignored but honored.”

John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker (2014), Ecology and Religion


The 5 Principles of Ecopsychology

Dr. Lori Pye's(2019) Fundamentals of Ecopsychology

Energy - Diversity -Waste-Change-Connection

Principle 1: Everything Runs on Energy: Life Depends Upon Interactions & Exchanges of Energy

Principle 2: Diversity is Necessary for a System to Flourish

Principle 3: Change is Inevitable

Principle 4: There is no Waste in the Ecological World-But Lots in Human Behavior and Practices

Principle 5: All things are in Relationship.

Will modern culture reflect on the fact that we as humans are connected and need the earth? Humans experience connection to nature every day when we breathe in the atmosphere, we drink nature's water and we digest food from Its soil. In that we depend on nature’s processes, humans are no different than all of our brothers and sisters of the Earth. We are all connected to this majestic wonder of this vast creative system. There exists a biological and evolutionary process for all of life that has existed before us and will exist many years beyond. Its story and process will evolve, and we can choose to reconnect and be a part of it or we can continue to live through behavior and processes that are destructive to our home.