Return to Turtle Island

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Informed Consent and Confidentiality Agreement

Viridis Graduate Institute - Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities

Informed Consent and Confidentiality Agreement

Fill out an individual form for each participant and have them read and sign it. The student investigator will also sign the form agreeing that participants must be given the opportunity to consent or not without any element of force, fraud, trickery, duress, coercion, or undue influence on their decision. Participation is voluntary, and consent to participate can be withdrawn at any time. The student further agrees that all participant records will be kept strictly confidential. The student agrees that they will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns regarding the project. 

Student Investigator's Name:                    Jennifer L. Kautz

Student Investigator's Signature/initials:   jlk

Student Investigator's email:          

Committee Chair:                                    Leslie Stoupas, Ph.D.

VGI President:                                         Lori Pye, Ph.D.

Email address*

Informed Consent and Confidentiality Agreement

In providing my name and email, I agree to participate in this project and understand that my identity and my responses will be kept confidential.

To participate in this project you are required to:

1) answer the Entry Questionnaire.

2) Read Doctoral Project Main Page

3) Read Ecopsychology Main Page

4) Read story- Return to Turtle Island

5) Reflect on or participate in the 7 Windows ritual.

6) Answer the Exit Questionnaire.

thank you for participating! Your answers are valuable to understanding the human connection, nature and the imagination.  jennifer :)